Creativity & Passion Play Well Together

It’s time to turn your old ideas around passion and playfulness upside down! Exploring your creative passions leads you straight to your purpose. Finding what Sir Ken Robinson calls ‘the element’ is also the quickest path to joy in life. If you didn’t get the memo – pay attention to this message: Life is NOT something to be taken seriously. We were put on this earth to make a positive difference while doing what we love. Happiness is not frivolous – it is a path to peace. One caution: passion is not indulgence. It is harmless (to ourselves and others). Play with it. What you create will positively change the world!

Exercise your Joy Muscles

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”
~Mary Oliver
Have you been exercising your joy muscles? Can you name ten ‘joy things’ you do on a regular basis? Would you like to attract more joy in your life right now? All you need to do is start taking some baby steps. […]

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